My father is now 90 years old. He lives in an assisting living facility about 15 minutes away from my house. In normal times I visit him several times each week, but during the COVID pandemic my opportunities to see him have been extremely limited. I speak with him on the phone almost daily but I’ve only seen him a few times since the pandemic began. The isolation from family members has been tough on him but he is getting good care.

I was granted permission to see him today, but only for an outdoor visit. Family members are still not permitted to enter the building at the assisted living facility. I wanted to see him today to wish him a happy 90th birthday. Also, I needed to gather some recent mail from him in order to get his tax returns prepared.

Dad has had a few falls in recent months, and one of those falls sent him to the emergency room at the hospital. He’s alright but his balance and posture are poor. He walks with the assistance of a walker but I think his days on the walker are numbered. I think he’ll have to resort to a wheelchair soon. We’ll know more about his options after we visit his doctor for an annual physical later this month.