Today I enjoyed my first ride with Tannus airless tires on my road bicycle. It is no secret that flat tires are a big headache and nuisance for most bicyclists. With typical bike tires that use air-filled tubes, you’re always at the mercy of a piece of glass, or a nail, or a thorn, or a pothole that can puncture your tube and ruin your ride.

With solid airless bike tires, there are no flat tires. There’s no tube and no air. Now I don’t have to carry spare tubes and tire patch kits and a mobile pump whenever I ride. I don’t have to check air pressure before I ride, because there is no air and there is no air pressure.

The break-in period for the new tires is approximately 25 to 50 miles. I put 8.5 miles on them today, and they were fantastic. I would have liked to ridden longer today, but lately I’ve been doing much more inline roller skating than bicycling so I didn’t want a long day on the bike. I’ll have to gradually build up my stamina.