I worked until noon today and then drove to Crown Beach in Alameda where I strapped on my inline roller skates. I enjoyed 6 miles of inline skating in Alameda’s mild winter sunshine. I’ve visited this beach many times and I’m very familiar with it, but this was the first time that I’d ever skated there.

Alameda’s Shore Line Drive runs parallel to Crown Beach, in a straight line, for about 1.5 miles. For that entire stretch of road there’s a dedicated bike lane that’s separated from the vehicle lanes, and there’s an asphalt sidewalk trail for pedestrians.

I began by skating on the asphalt sidewalk for the entire length of the beach, and back. Then I finished by skating in the bike lane for the entire length of the beach, and back. That gave me a 6 mile workout, which was fun and exhausting. I captured some brief video clips of my workout with my mobile phone.

I enjoyed skating in the bike lane much more than skating on the pedestrian asphalt trail. The bike lane is less crowded. More importantly, the pedestrian asphalt trail has some large patches of beach sand that can be hazardous for skaters. When I skate here again, I’ll probably stay in the bike lane for the entire workout.