I spent the day at the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton with my brother Mark and his daughter Shannon. Mark and Shannon visit the fair almost every year. Before today, I hadn’t been to the fair in many years.

We arrived at the fair at noon and we tayed until 8 PM. The weather was warm, but not as hot as it often gets in Pleasanton during the summer. We bought box seats at the fair’s horse racing track for the sole purpose of having comfortable seats in the shade that we could return to throughout the day to rest and get out of the sun.

I know nothing about horse racing but I did pick a winner in my only wager of the day. I used a very complex and scientific method to select a horse. I picked horse #1 in race #1 and laid down $10 to win, and she won in a photo finish. The odds on my horse, named ‘Penelope’, were 12.5 to 1, so my $10 bet returned $125. That windfall meant that Alameda County would pay for our food and drinks for the rest of the day at the fair.

In addition to watching several horse races, we watched the Alaskan Pig Races and the Demolition Derby. Of course, we also did a lot of walking around the fairgrounds and people watching and we sampled some of the fattening and delicious fair food.

We had a great day at the fair, but it was exhausting. I was up at 4:30 AM to do a bit of roller skating at sunrise before spending the whole afternoon and evening at the fair, so I was wiped out when we returned home from the fair at 9:30 PM.