Alameda Creek

This morning my brother Mark and I returned to the Alameda Creek Trail in Fremont for another bicycle ride.

We loaded our bikes on to my car’s rack and left my Castro Valley home at 7:30 AM. At 8:15 AM, well before the trail becomes crowded, we were parked at the Niles Canyon Staging Area at the eastern end of the Alameda Creek Trail.

We unloaded our bikes at the Niles Canyon Staging Area and pedaled west. Fifty minutes later, after 11 miles of riding west into a moderately strong head wind, we arrived at the western end of the trail on the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

We took a 10 minute stretch break at the western end of the trail, and then we turned our bikes around and pedaled east to return to our starting point. Approximately 50 minutes later, shortly after 10 AM, we arrived at the eastern end of the trail where our ride began. We were back home in Castro Valley long before noon.

I captured video of today’s ride with a GoPro Hero6 camera that’s mounted on my bike’s handlebars. In this post I’m sharing two videos from today’s ride.

The first video captures the first leg of today’s ride, which is the westbound ride to the bay. The second video shows the eastbound segment of today’s ride which begins at the bay and ends at our starting point. Both videos are approximately 50 minutes long. There are no captions in the videos. In the second video we’re riding into the morning sun so there is some glare, especially in the first few minutes of the video, but the glare doesn’t last long.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the Alameda Creek Trail, this trail is one of our favorites because there are no stops and no interruptions. There are no stop signs, no traffic signals, no crosswalks, and no vehicles to contend with. From one end of the trail to another, you have an uninterrupted 11 mile ride and you never have to stop unless you want to.