Alameda Creek

My brother Mark and I enjoyed another long bike ride this morning. We rode on the Alameda Creek Trail in Fremont.

The Alameda Creek Trail runs along Alameda Creek for 11 miles in Southern Alameda County. The eastern end of the trail is in the Niles neighborhood of Fremont. The trail continues westward from Niles to the San Francisco Bay through the cities of Union City and Newark.

The Alameda Creek Trail consists of two parallel paths, with one path on each bank of the creek. The path on the north side of the creek is unpaved and can be used by pedestrians, bicyclists, and equestrians. The path on the south side of the creek is paved and can be used by pedestrians and bicyclists, but not by equestrians. We rode on the paved south side trail.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Alameda Creek Trail has no intersections with city streets, no crosswalks, no stop signs, and no traffic signals. Each city street that crosses the trail does so via an overpass that spans Alameda Creek, and the trail runs uninterrupted beneath each overpass.

We got up before dawn and brought our bikes on the first BART train of the day at Castro Valley station and rode the train to Fremont station. At Fremont station, we rode our bikes approximately 1 mile to reach the Alameda Creek Trail approximately 2 miles west of the trail’s eastern end. When we joined the Alameda Creek Trail, we pedaled west for 10 miles to reach the western end of the trail on the San Francisco Bay shoreline. Then we turned around and rode the same route back to the Fremont BART station where we hopped on a BART train to return to Castro Valley.

We both enjoyed today’s ride. The weather was sunny with temperatures in the high 70s and gentle breezes. Our riding distance today was 21.2 miles.