This morning my brother Mark enjoyed a round trip bicycle ride from Alameda to Bay Farm Island. Our ride began and ended on the grounds of the old Alameda Naval Air Station.

We loaded our bikes on to my car’s bike rack at 7 AM and drove to the old Naval Air Station in Alameda where the USS Hornet is anchored. That’s a great starting point for any Alameda ride because there’s plenty of parking and little traffic there. We arrived at the USS Hornet at 7:30 AM and unloaded our bikes, and a few minutes later we were pedaling through Alameda.

We rode along on the shoreline at Crown Beach in Alameda. Then we rode south on the bike path on Shore Line Drive at Alameda Beach and continued on to Bay Farm Island. We rode on the Bay Farm Island Trail, which circles that entire community, and then we returned to our starting point at the USS Hornet in Alameda.

I’m sharing a 22 minute video consisting of selected segments of today’s ride.

The distance for today’s ride was 16 miles and the duration was approximately 2 hours. We were finished with our ride at 9:45 AM and we were home by 10:30 AM.

It was a nice morning for a bicycle ride. The skies were gray, temperatures were cool, and at a few points a very brief light mist fell. Those conditions reduced the amount of pedestrian and bicycle traffic on the beach trails this morning. The cloudy conditions were good for my handlebar-mounted video camera too, because there was no direct sunlight falling on the lens. Fortunately, the mist wasn’t heavy enough or frequent enough to cause issues with my camera.

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  1. This was by far your best film. I was engaged throughout the entire film, the captions were informative and timely while the scenes changed right on cue. I know how tedious the editing of raw road footage can be, but when done right it is well worth it.

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