Aloha Skating Rink

Yesterday afternoon I had a one hour inline roller skating lesson at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. The lesson was very productive. This morning, after a visit with my father on Father’s Day, I drove to Eastridge Mall in San Jose to skate at the Aloha Skating Rink. I was eager to work on the skills that I learned during yesterday’s skating lesson.

I prefer to skate outdoors, on trails, but there are some huge benefits to skating at an indoor rink – especially for a beginner. At a rink the weather is irrelevant, the skating surface is usually level and in good shape, and you don’t have bikes or cars or dogs and leashes to contend with. However, at a rink, you might encounter a crowd.

This morning’s open skating session at Aloha Skating Rink began at 11 AM. I arrived just before 11 AM and I skated until 12:45 with a single 5 minute rest break. I could have stayed longer, as the rink was open until 10 PM, but these old bones can’t handle a marathon session like that.

The staff at Aloha Skate told me that the morning sessions are usually not crowded, and that was true today. That’s not a complaint. I didn’t want to deal with a crowded rink. For about half of my skating time today I had the entire rink to myself. The largest number of skaters on the rink with me today was 9.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll head back to Aloha Skating Rink a few more times this summer. I won’t go on a weekday because the traffic between the East Bay and San Jose is a nightmare, but the 11 AM sessions on weekends are appealing – especially if large crowds are unlikely.