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This afternoon, while waiting for our hotel rooms in Bayeux to be ready for us to occupy, we made a short drive from Bayeux to Arromanches.

Arromanches was the location of D-Day’s Gold Beach on Normandy’s English Channel coastline. At Arromanches you can see the remains of several Mulberry artificial harbors from D-Day.

One must admire the British ingenuity that led to the production and implementation of those Mulberry artificial harbors. When the Mulberry idea was first pitched to the top British war staff, the military leadership must have thought the idea was insane. Who brings their own harbor with them during an amphibious assault? Now we know who does that. The British do.

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Arromanches is a fascinating place to visit, though I could understand that some visitors may be turned off by the heavy retail ‘tourist trap’ atmosphere in the center of the town. It certainly didn’t bother me.