This morning we checked out of our motel in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and made the 3 hour drive to Augusta, Georgia. On our way to Augusta, we stopped at Columbia, South Carolina to take photos of the state capitol. Then we resumed our drive to Augusta. As we crossed the Savannah River and departed the state of South Carolina, we arrived in Augusta, Georgia.

We checked in at our motel in Augusta, Georgia at 3 PM and spent a few hours relaxing and doing laundry. At 6:15 PM we headed to Lake Olmstead Stadium to watch the Augusta GreenJackets host the Greenville Drive in a class A South Atlantic League ballgame. The weather was excellent for baseball with temperatures in the 80s, very slight humidity, and gentle cooling breezes.

My brother Mark was stung by a wasp during the first inning, but he wasn’t harmed. The stadium’s first aid team removed the stinger from Mark’s leg and cleaned the wound with alcohol.

Augusta scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th inning to defeat Greenville by a final score of 6-5. Box Score

I found Lake Olmstead Stadium to be a nice place to watch the game, as long as you can keep the wasps away. The biggest drawback to seeing the Augusta GreenJackets at Lake Olmstead Stadium is the constant and unnecessary assault on your eardrums by the public address announcer and his sound effects. You can’t have any discussion of the ballgame with those seated around you, because you can’t hear each other.