Bernal Park

This morning, as on many Sunday mornings, my brother Mark and I went for a bicycle ride. At 7:00 AM we had our bikes loaded on my car’s bike rack and we drove to Pleasanton. In Pleasanton, we parked at the northern trail head of the Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail and unloaded our bikes. We were pedaling south on the Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail, heading toward Bernal Community Park, at 7:30 AM.

The Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail is a smooth and excellent trail, but it is brief. The trail is a mere 2 miles long. Fortunately, the southern trail head is in Bernal Community Park and the additional trails in that park provide an opporunity to pedal for several more miles.

Our total riding distance this morning was 10.3 miles. Approximately 4 of those miles were on a round trip on the Marilyn Murphy Kane Trail, and the rest of the mileage was pedaled on the various trails within Bernal Community Park. We were back home in Castro Valley at approximately 9:30 AM.