Bicycle Ride in Davis

My brother Mark and I met our friends Ken and Dave this morning in Davis, CA, near Sacramento, for a 23 mile bicycle ride. This ride was originally planned for last month, but it was postponed because my brother and I were ill. Today, everybody felt fine and we were happy to be pedaling.

At 7:45 AM, my brother and I racked our bikes on my car and left my home in Castro Valley and drove to Davis. Our friends Ken and Dave would arrive in Davis on an Amtrak train, with their bikes, at 9:50 AM. Mark and I arrived in Davis early, at 9:15 AM, as intended, to allow us time to find parking and unload our bikes before Ken and Dave arrive on the train. We parked just outside the Amtrak station in a public lot with plenty of spaces available. Everything went smoothly and the four of us were pedaling together in Davis at 10 AM, exactly as planned.

In this post, I’m sharing a video clip from today’s 23 mile ride. I realize that nobody wants to watch a video of 23 miles of leisurely bike riding, including those of us that participated in the ride. The video is a 17.5 minute collage consisting of many short clips that I spliced together. I added some text captions to the video, too. Here are a couple of notes about those text captions…

  • With my lousy video editing software, the captions are always white text and I cannot change the caption background color. Therefore, I move the captions around to get the best dark background that I can for white text. Sometimes the captions will appear at the top of the video frame, other times at the bottom, or left, or middle, or wherever the best background for white text happens to be located at the time the caption appears. I know that captions appearing in multiple locations can be annoying, but it isn’t as annoying as unreadable white font on a bright background.
  • My video software has no spell checking, so there could be spelling errors in the captions. I won’t bother fixing them, because that would require re-uploading the video and that’s a tedious chore, so there’s no point in reporting any errors to me.

The video can be launched from the final slide in the slideshow, below. On a touch device, you can finger swipe to move the slides. On a laptop, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also navigate through the slides by clicking on a circle within the black bar that’s atop the slideshow.

We started today’s ride at 10 AM and we were finished at 1 PM. It was a great day and an excellent ride, despite some very strong winds that kicked my ass. When I returned home, at approximately 3 PM, I could already feel soreness in my legs. But it was a good soreness.

I’m looking forward to riding again, soon.