A few weeks ago my brother Mark and I took our road bicycles to Dublin Cyclery for annual tune ups. The tune up work was completed last week. When we retrieved our tuned up road bikes from Dublin Cyclery, we dropped off our ElliptiGo elliptical bicycles for their annual tune ups. So we’ll be without our ElliptiGo bikes for a couple of weeks, but we can put some miles on our freshly tuned up road bikes.

We’ve been riding our road bikes for 10 miles every other day. This morning we rode in the neighborhoods near Hayward’s Japanese Gardens, which includes parts of Castro Valley and Hayward.

We almost always ride at 6 AM when there is very automobile traffic and the air quality is at its best. The air in the Bay Area is smokey from various wild fires in the region, and the early morning hours are the only feasible time for a bike ride in these conditions.