This evening we returned to Fenway Park to see our second ballgame there in as many nights. Severe afternoon thunderstorms dumped a lot of water on Fenway Park in the afternoon hours prior to the game, and the start of the game was delayed by approximately 15 minutes.

We had seats on the first base line. This gave us a good view of Boston’s “Green Monster” in left field, but I much preferred the center field seats that we had for last night’s game. Tonight, Boston defeated Chicago, 10-1. Box Score

We enjoyed our 2 consecutive nights at Fenway Park. I’m glad that I got to see a couple of games in this historic place. However, since the place is so old, Fenway is not a very comfortable place to sit through a ballgame. Now that I’ve had the Fenway experience, twice, I probably wouldn’t attend another game here unless Boston was hosting my favorite team, the Oakland A’s.