Boston Red Sox

After a bit of candlepin bowling in Scarborough, Maine, we resumed our drive to Boston, Massachusetts. By the time we approached the Boston metro area, we’d already seen enough stupid, reckless, and selfish drivers to confirm the popular stereotype that Massachusetts drivers are as lousy as California drivers.

We checked in at a Boston hotel in the afternoon and attended a ballgame at Fenway Park in the evening.

Our hotel in Boston was the Howard Johnson’s Fenway, which is less than a hundred yards from the ballpark’s main gate. At 6:30 PM we left our hotel and walked to Fenway Park. Game time was 7:10 PM. After we spent a few minutes on Yawkey Way with several thousand loud and drunk Boston Red Sox fans, we made our way into Fenway Park to see the ballgame.

The weather was warm and humid but a fairly strong breeze kept us comfortable as we watched the Chicago White Sox defeat the Boston Red Sox, 7-5. Box Score

Tomorrow night we’ll return to Fenway Park for the second of our two ballgames in Boston.