After touring inside the White House this afternoon, we got a little bit of late afternoon rest and then drove from our hotel in downtown Washington DC to nearby Bowie, Maryland to watch a minor league baseball game.

Mark and I had been to Bowie to see a game once before, in May, 2009 with our friends Joe and Rob. We had an excellent time at the ballgame on that night in 2009, and Mark and I were hoping for more of the same tonight. Shannon always enjoys going to the minor league games. Tonight, we’d see the Bowie BaySox host the Harrisburg Senators. This is level AA minor league ball, in the Eastern League.

We did indeed have a nice time at the ballpark in Bowie on this night, but there weren’t many other people there to enjoy it with us. You may have seen the news headlines this week about blistering hot and humid weather near Washington DC that has left thousands without electricity. The people at Bowie tell us that the weather is keeping people away from the ballpark.

Harrisburg didn’t do much at the plate tonight, with the exception of a 3-run homer from their shortstop. That 3-run homer was enough as Harrisburg defeated Bowie, 3-2. Box Score

We saw two players with major league experience in this ballgame, as Taylor Teagarden and Jai Miller both made appearances. Miller is struggling mightily this year in the Orioles minor league system, after having an excellent season at AAA in 2011 in Oakland’s system.

The official attendance was 1,751 but I’d be shocked if half that many were actually there at the game. Some leagues and teams use ticket sales for attendance counts, instead of counting the number of people that actually attend, and I’m guessing that’s how the count was padded to 1,751.

Let’s hope the weather cools soon and people in the Bowie area return to their ballpark to support their team.