Most of this date was consumed by our flight to the east coast. Our flight took off from San Francisco at 8:00 AM Pacific time and landed at Dulles airport near Washington DC 20 minutes ahead of schedule at 3:50 PM Eastern time. By 5 PM we had our luggage in hand and we were at the Hertz car rental desk at Dulles to pick up our Kia Sedona van. Our original plan was to rent a big town car, but we were concerned about trunk space for our luggage. The van turned out to be a smart move. Shortly after 5 PM we were in our van and on the road.

We proceeded to drive around the northern half of “the beltway”, crossing the Potomac and entering Maryland, on our way to Bowie, Maryland. Bowie is located in Prince George’s county, outside of the beltway, east of Washington DC. It takes a little less than an hour to drive from Dulles to Bowie.

Bowie is the home of a minor league baseball club, the Bowie BaySox. On this night, Bowie provided our only opportunity to see a ballgame. We didn’t have enough time to make a longer drive to any another ballgame sites in the Washington-Baltimore region.

We arrived in Bowie at 6 PM, checked into our motel rooms at the Hampton Inn, and headed to the ballpark to see the hometown Bowie BaySox host the Akron Aeros at 7 PM. The ballpark was only a mile or so from our motel. We were inside the ballpark quickly, with at least 20 minutes to spare before the game started.

The Bowie BaySox play in the Eastern League, which is class AA minor league baseball. There is no AA baseball played west of the Texas League, so it was a rare treat for us to see a class AA game. The weather forecast for Bowie on this night was not good and there was a misty rain falling on us at game time, but it dried out by the 3rd inning and there was no more rain until after the game.

After taking some pre-game pictures, I ducked into the team store to buy a Bowie BaySox cap. I caught up with Rob, Mark, and Joe in the general admission seats on the 3rd base line.

The ballpark in Bowie was pleasant. The general admission seats were comfortable, the concessions were reasonable, and the forest that lies just beyond the outfield fence was a welcome change from what we usually see in California ballparks.

There were post-game fireworks scheduled on this night, so the attendance was high despite the damp and cool weather. The announced attendance was 7,750.

When Bowie was retired in the bottom of the 9th, Akron had a 6-3 victory over Bowie. Box Score

As the game ended, we bolted out of the stadium immediately to get some much-needed sleep at our motel.