We spent quite a bit of time at Bardstown, Kentucky earlier today, but we still had a lot of daylight head of us. We gained an hour during our drive from Bardstown, Kentucky to Bowling Green, Kentucky because we moved from the Eastern Time zone into the Central Time zone.

We arrived in Bowling Green at about 2 PM. We checked into a motel, grabbed some lunch, and made our way downtown to the ballpark. Game time was 5 PM for class A Midwest League contest between the Bowling Green Hot Rods vs. Fort Wayne Tin Caps.

The start of the ballgame was delayed for 90 minutes by a strong rainstorm. Despite the rainfall, the temperature was mild and we knew we’d have a good evening for baseball once the rain stopped falling.

Bowling Green defeated Fort Wayne 1-0 by scoring a run in the bottom of the ninth inning to break the scoreless tie. Box Score

As you’ll hear and see in the following video, I correctly predicted exactly when the game winning hit would occur.

There’s not a bad seat in the ballpark in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Everybody there is friendly and courteous. The ballgame is treated as the main event, as it should be. Unlike Lexington, Bowling Green does not subject you to loud advertisements and sales pitches at every opportunity. At many times during tonight’s game there were long stretches of silence. The silence was music to our ears.

The ballgame was tremendous, and so was the ballpark. Among the new ballparks (10 years old, or newer) that we visited on this trip, Bowling Green Ballpark was my favorite. Fluor Field in Greenville, South Carolina and Smokies Park in Kodak, Tennessee were excellent too but Bowling Green Ballpark beats them by a nose.