Cameron Loop Trail

This morning I enjoyed a walk on the Cameron Loop Trail at Lake Chabot Regional Park. The first 15 minutes of my walk took place in the dark, before sunrise. Sunrise brought some fog along with the light, but the walking conditions were great. I avoided the weekend crowds by getting an early start.

My path is shown in the route map, below. The first segment of my route, shown in black, is 1.7 miles on the paved and fairly flat East Shore Trail, which brings you to the Cameron Loop Trail. The other sections of trail on the map (in red, blue, and orange) represent the Cameron Loop Trail, which is unpaved.

I walked the Cameron Loop Trail in the counter-clockwise direction. The red segment is 0.6 miles and entirely uphill. The blue segment is 0.4 miles, sharply downhill. The orange segment is 0.4 miles and mostly flat.

When I completed my circuit of the Cameron Loop Trail, I used the East Shore Trail again to return to the park entrance.

The total distance of this morning’s walk was 4.8 miles and the duration was 1 hour and 26 minutes.