I started my day with a brisk 3.5 mile sunrise walk on the East Shore Trail at Lake Chabot Park in Castro Valley. The weather was clear, cool, and dry.

I’m glad that I got an early start at Lake Chabot because I wasn’t aware that a trail run event was taking place there later in the morning. The park wasn’t crowded when I arrived and began my walk, but when I was finished there was a huge crowd of runners and joggers arriving at the park to participate in the trail run.

When I left Lake Chabot, I visited my father at his assisted living residence in nearby San Leandro. I spent about 90 minutes with Dad. Then I returned to Castro Valley and made a stop at the Farmer’s Market before heading home.

I bought some apples and oranges at the Farmer’s Market, but I didn’t come away with all of the items on my shopping list. I was hoping to buy some kale and almonds, but today’s vendors didn’t have those items. You never know what you’ll find, or won’t find, at the Farmer’s Market.