We spent this day sightseeing in Toronto. Our first stop was the CN Tower, which is just a short walk from our hotel at Rogers Center. We were in the first elevator to make the trip up the tower today when the attractions opened at 9 AM. We wanted to enjoy the CN Tower experience before the large crowds arrive later in the day.

We bought tickets to see 3 attractions at the CN Tower. We’d see the Sky Pod, Glass Floor, and Look Out levels of CN Tower.

We headed to the SkyPod, the highest level of the CN Tower, immediately. During busy times at CN Tower, it isn’t uncommon for the SkyPod queue to grow to an hour or two. So we’d see the SkyPod as our first stop, and then we’d go to the Glass Floor and Look Out levels.

If you’re not sure whether you have a fear of heights, one visit to the SkyPod at the CN Tower will provide you with an answer.

After we’d see enough from the SkyPod level of the CN Tower, we returned to the elevator to make the downward trip to the Glass Floor level.

The Glass Floor is exactly what it sounds like. You walk on thick glass tiles, and you can see through the glass all the way down to the ground which is more than one thousand feet below you.

The staff at CN Tower told us that many visitors who fear heights will walk across the Glass Floor without looking down, and the true test of a fear of heights is walking on the Glass Floor while looking down through the glass to the ground below. I didn’t have any problem doing that. I thought it was quite easy. I’d guess that the SkyPod is a much tougher challenge for someone that’s uneasy with heights.

As our third and final stop at the CN Tower, we moved up again to see the Look Out level. The Look Out level is the most frequently visited level of CN Tower because it is the primary observation deck.

After we’d seen enough of the Look Out level, we rode the elevator back to ground level and left the CN Tower. We enjoyed all 3 levels at CN Tower, but it was time for us to move on. Our next stop in downtown Toronto is the Hockey Hall of Fame.