My brother Mark and I were up early this morning to meet our friend Dave in Concord for a bicycle ride. The following map shows the route for today’s ride. On the map, the brief section in black is on Concord’s city streets. The section in red is the Contra Costa Canal Trail, and the section in blue is the Iron Horse Trail.

Mark and I caught a BART train in Castro Valley at 6:33 AM and arrived at the Concord BART Station at 7:45 AM where we met Dave for today’s ride. Our bike ride began and ended at the Concord BART station.

From the Concord BART Station, we rode south and west on the Contra Costa Canal Trail for 6.4 miles to Pleasant Hill where the trail intersects with the Iron Horse Trail. From that intersection, we rode north on the Iron Horse Trail for 5.6 miles to reach the northern end of that trail. Then we turned around and rode back to the Concord BART Station on the same route.

The trails were wet from the previous day’s rain, but no rain fell on us during today’s ride.

I captured video of the ride with a GoPro camera mounted on my handlebars, and I have a few photos to share too. The photos and video are in the slideshow below. The video is 22 minutes long and it features selected portions of today’s 2 hour ride. The video features bits from the entire ride, but half of the video covers the final quarter of the ride. The lighting conditions were much better for video during the last part of the ride.

Our ride covered approximately 25 miles and lasted about 2.5 hours. When we returned to the Concord BART Station, Mark and I said goodbye to Dave and we hopped on a train for the ride home to Castro Valley. We were home shortly after noon.

Today’s ride was excellent. The trail pavement was smooth and the scenery was nice, especially on the eastern portion of the Contra Costa Canal Trail.