This morning I spent 3 hours on the pickleball courts at Willow Pass Community Park in Concord. The park has 14 pickleball courts, which probably makes it one of the largest public pickleball facilities in Northern California. The courts are in excellent shape and the community of players there is friendly and courteous.

I spent about an hour on practice drills and then I played doubles for 2 hours. The people I played with today were a bit more experienced than I am, but I played pretty well today and our games were competitive. Usually when I play with players that have more skill and experience, it quickly becomes obvious that I’m in over my head. Today was a little different. I was still playing uphill, but I made some good shots and I didn’t embarrass myself.

I was on the courts during a pretty busy period, from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM on a Sunday, but the courts were never entirely in use while I was there. At its busiest moment this morning, 12 of the 14 courts were in use.