I received my first COVID vaccine shot this morning. I had to drive 25 miles, to Richmond, to get it because there were no appointments available at the facilities closer to my home. I didn’t want to wait for weeks, or months, to pass by in order to get my shot at a more convenient location. I was happy to make the trip to Richmond to get the vaccine immediately.

As I imagine is the case with most vaccine recipients, I didn’t get to choose which vaccine I received. The choice was dictated by supply. I received the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine center at Kaiser’s facility in Richmond was well organized. I received my shot almost immediately after I entered the building.

I’ve experienced no side effects. I have some very mild soreness in my arm at the shot’s point of entry. It feels as though someone punched me once, very hard, in my upper arm.

I have an appointment to return to Richmond in 3 weeks to get my second and final Pfizer vaccine shot.