Diablo Valley

Last weekend, my brother Mark and I enjoyed another Sunday morning bicycle ride. At 9 AM we loaded our bikes on to my car’s bike rack and drove from Castro Valley to the Diablo Valley in San Ramon, where we parked my car and unloaded our bikes.

In San Ramon, we joined the Iron Horse Trail and pedaled north for several miles into Danville. Then, in Danville, we turned around and rode south on the same trail through San Ramon and on to Dublin. Finally, in Dublin, we turned around again and rode back to our starting point in San Ramon.

Most of our ride took place on the Iron Horse Trail. A small portion of the ride was on the Alamo Canal Trail in Dublin. We pedaled a total of 17.9 miles in 1 hour and 28 minutes, which is an average of 12.2 miles per hour. I captured video of the entire ride with a GoPro camera mounted on my handlebars. I’m sharing that video here.

In the video, you’ll notice that I added many text captions to explain our locations, identify the street intersections, etc. Most of the captions appear at the bottom of the video frame, but some will appear at the top because they’re easier to see there. The placement of the captions depends on the background color and lighting. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.

We were back home in Castro Valley before noon. It was a great ride, despite the occasional annoying headwinds. We prefer to ride on the trails, where there are no cars allowed, instead of riding on the streets in my neighborhood. Riding on the trails, where cars are prohibited, is much safer than battling with cars and their inattentive drivers on the city streets.