Dublin to Livermore

My brother and I went on another early Sunday morning bicycle ride today. At 7 AM we loaded our bikes on to my car’s rack and drove east to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station where we parked and unloaded our bikes. At 7:30 AM we began pedaling and rode from the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station to downtown Livermore, where we turned around and rode back to Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.

We’ve ridden on this route several times this year and it has always been fun. We were finished with our ride at 9:15 AM and we were back home before 10:00 AM.

Our total pedaling distance this morning was 18.4 miles. The weather was partly cloudy with temperatures in the low 70s, which makes for a nice ride. We did have the sun in our eyes for a few miles during the eastern leg of the ride. That was annoying, but it didn’t ruin the ride.