Dublin to Livermore

My brother Mark and I had another excellent bike ride this morning. Since the weather in the East Bay today was much cooler than usual for May, Mark thought it would be a good day to ride in Livermore. Livermore is one of the warmest cities in the Bay Area with temperatures usually exceeding 100 degrees in summer months and often in the 90s during May. Today’s weather in Livermore was clear and dry but the high temperature was in the 60s, which is unusually cool for Livermore this time of year. It was Mark’s idea to enjoy a Livermore ride on this cool day, instead of riding in Livermore on a later date in extreme heat. It was a great idea.

At 7:15 AM we had our bikes loaded on my car’s bike rack and we drove to the Castro Valley BART station, where we parked and unloaded our bikes and brought them on to BART with us. We rode BART to the Dublin/Pleasanton station, where today’s bike ride started and ended. At 8:00 AM we were on our bikes and pedaling toward Livermore. We rode on several different bike trails in Pleasanton, Livermore, and Dublin today. We were back home in Castro Valley shortly after 1:00 PM.

The total distance for our day’s ride was 23.5 miles. The terrain was mostly flat and the trails were paved. It was a tremendous ride. I’d like to do it again soon, but we can’t count on cool temperatures in Livermore again. We’ll have to get a very early morning start to avoid the heat.