ElliptiGo 10 Miles

Today, for the first time, I managed to cover more than 10 miles during an ElliptiGo ride.

My brother Mark and I enjoyed another ride on our ElliptiGo bicycles this morning near Bernal Community Park in Pleasanton. Today, for the first time, we broke the 10 mile barrier. We rolled for 10.8 miles this morning at an average pace of 12.5 miles per hour. That might not sound like much of an achievement, but it isn’t bad for 2 old guys that are still getting acclimated to their relatively new ElliptiGo bikes.

We’re trying to get on our ElliptiGo bikes at least twice each week, and we’re slowly increasing our average speed and our distance. The ElliptiGo is fun to ride but it wears me out. It provides an excellent workout.

One advantage to riding the ElliptiGo instead of a standard bicycle is the absence of saddle soreness. There’s no seat on an ElliptiGo.