Last month, my brother Mark and I brought our ElliptiGo bikes to Dublin Cyclery for tune ups. The boys at Dublin Cyclery did a great job tuning the brakes and gears on our ElliptiGo bikes, and the bikes are now performing better than ever.

Early this morning, before sunrise, Mark and I rode our ElliptiGo bikes for 10 miles in the neighborhoods near Hayward’s Japanese Gardens, which includes parts of Castro Valley and Hayward.

I find that the ElliptiGo provides a better cardiovascular workout than my road bike, and the ElliptiGo works more of my body because I’m not sitting when I’m riding the ElliptiGo. I’m definitely more winded and more tired from a 10 mile ElliptiGo ride than from a 10 mile ride on my road bike. The lack of saddle soreness is a big advantage to the ElliptiGo. However, I can ride longer and further on my road bike than on the ElliptiGo and my road bike is better suited for climbing hills than the ElliptiGo.