Farmer’s Market

Today I dropped by the Castro Valley Farmer’s Market for the first time. The Farmer’s Market has been operating on Saturday mornings at the Castro Valley BART Station for many years and I’d been aware of it for a long time, but I’d never made a visit until today.

Obviously, the Farmer’s Market offers a wide range of fresh produce. I was looking for apples, almonds, cashews, and pistachios today and I thought I’d try the Farmer’s Market instead of a local grocery store.

I found and bought some almonds, but I struck out on the other items that I wanted. There were quite a few varieties of apples on hand but I wanted Fuji apples and none of the vendors had them today. Maybe next time.

I’m sure to be back at the Farmer’s Market again soon. The Castro Valley Farmer’s Market is open 52 Saturdays every year, rain or shine and without regard for holidays.

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