At sunrise today I loaded my skating gear and my 360 camera into my car and drove to Pleasanton for some inline roller skating on the wide and quiet residential streets near Fawn Hills Park.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, trail skating is often risky because it is difficult to maintain social distancing on narrow park trails. So I like to skate on city streets where I can easily maintain 20 feet of distance from pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists. I look for neighborhoods that are relatively flat with wide streets, smooth pavement, and very little automobile traffic. The Pleasanton neighborhood that surrounds Fawn Hills Park meets all of those criteria.

The last several times I skated, I used my traditional 4 wheel inline skates. Today, I used my K2 Trio skates that have 3 wheels on each skate. The Trio skates have a slightly heavier boot than my 4 wheel skates, but the K2 Trio skates do give me a bit of a speed boost.

I’m sharing a couple of brief video clips from this morning’s skating session. The first video has a 1:1 aspect ratio and is a little less than 1 minute long. The second video has a 16:9 aspect ratio and lasts about 2 minutes.

I logged approximately 8 miles on my K2 Trio skates this morning. That’s more than enough to get me winded and tired, but not enough to totally exhaust me. I need to break out the K2 Trio skates more often.