Fifth Wheel

I’m making an effort to spend several hours each week with my camera. I want to become more familiar with the camera’s advanced features. For example, I’m forcing myself to shoot in manual mode where I set the shutter speed, aperture, etc. instead of allowing the camera to set those things for me automatically. I’m also shooting entirely in RAW format, instead of JPG format.

I spent this morning in nearby San Leandro with my camera. I stopped for breakfast at an old greasy spoon that’s been a San Leandro institution since 1946.

The Fifth Wheel on San Leandro Blvd. in San Leandro.

Don’t let the size and condition of the building fool you. The Fifth Wheel serves a large and excellent breakfast. It is within walking distance from the San Leandro BART station. If you’re in the area during breakfast or lunch hours, stop at “The Wheel” and stuff your face.