This morning I woke early and drove across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco. I rolled north on U.S 101 to the Presidio and the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge. I veered off U.S. 101 at the final San Francisco exit before reaching the Golden Gate Bridge, and I parked at the Bridge Pavilion.

The Bridge Pavilion serves as a visitor and information center for tourists that visit the Golden Gate Bridge. The grounds of the Bridge Pavilion include several vistas that are ideal for bridge photography. Visitors that wish to walk or bicycle on the bridge can access the bridge via the Bridge Pavilion, too.

Parking spaces at the Bridge Pavilion can be a rare find, but I arrived at 8:00 AM so I beat the crowd today. There were several parking spaces available in the lot closest to the Bridge Pavilion. The parking fee, 2 bucks for 2 hours, was much less severe than I expected.

After I finished exploring the grounds of the Bridge Pavilion, I strapped on my camera backpack bag and began to walk on the span of the Golden Gate Bridge. This morning’s venture was the first time that I ever walked on the span of the Golden Gate Bridge. My previous experiences on this bridge was as a driver or a passenger, and those experiences were many years ago.

This early morning’s weather on the bridge was clear, sunny, and crisp. I was surprised that I didn’t have much company on the bridge’s pedestrian path. Aside from an occasional jogger or bicyclist, I had the walkway to myself.

I walked halfway across the bridge and then I reversed direction and returned to the Bridge Pavilion on the San Francisco end of the bridge. Then I drove across the bridge to find a few spots on the Marin County coast from which to take more photos of the bridge.

After driving across the Golden Gate Bridge and arriving in Marin County, I exited U.S. 101 immediately to explore the Marin Headlands. The road that weaves through the Marin Headlands includes several points at which you can park and enjoy views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean.

The morning sun was a big problem for photography from the Marin Headlands. I’d like to return here on another day, during early afternoon hours, when the sun will not be directly behind the bridge.

When I left the Marin Headlands, I drove north on U.S. 101 and then used the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to return to my East Bay home.

On this morning I drove across 3 of the San Francisco Bay’s bridges: The Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.