Harry’s Hof Brau

My 87 year old father lives with me and he no longer has a driver’s license. To keep him from spending the rest of his life as a prisoner in my house, I take him out a few times each week. His favorite outing, by far, is going out to breakfast. We do that a couple of times each week. Today, as a change of pace, we drove to Harry’s Hof Brau in San Leandro for an early lunch.

Harry’s Hof Brau in San Leandro is a great place for lunch or dinner, especially when you’re tired of fast food and pizza and you’re looking for a change of pace.

Harry’s opens at 11:00 AM daily and gets very crowded at noon when working people start dropping in for lunch. We arrived a few minutes after 11:00 AM and we were gone before 11:45 AM, so we missed the big lunch time crowd. That is exactly what we intended to do.

My father ordered the Monday special, which was bratwurst with sauerkraut, German potatoes, cole slaw, and a roll. I had the hot turkey sandwich, which is a slice of bread (on a plate) smothered with white meat turkey, turkey gravy, and mashed potatoes. It was delicious.

We’ve always loved Harry’s Hof Brau. Before today, it had been about a year since my last visit and at least 10 years since my father’s last visit. Now we plan to work Harry’s Hof Brau into our “going out to eat” rotation and we’ll head over there once each month.