This afternoon I joined my pickleball friends Borden, Donrick, and Danny at Southgate Park in Hayward for a couple hours of recreational pickleball doubles.

I captured video of today’s pickleball action with the camera on my mobile phone. I usually use a GoPro camera to capture video but I thought I’d try the phone for video today. The video came out pretty clear, but I think I prefer the results with a GoPro because the GoPro does a better job of capturing the entire court. With today’s video captured by my phone, one of the court’s baselines is not in view.

The video that I’m sharing below consists of our first two games today. We played 7 or 8 games and I captured video for each game, but I didn’t have the time or patience to sift through and edit the video for every game that we played. The downtime between each rally has been edited out of the video, so the duration of the video is only about 10.5 minutes.

As the video indicates, Borden, Donrick, and Danny have more pickleball skill and experience than I do. I’m always glad to play with them because they’re friendly, encouraging, and tolerant of my many mistakes. Playing with them challenges me to improve my level of play.