Hole in the Rock

Today, a Sunday, was the only day during my 7-day Arizona vacation on which there were no Arizona Fall League games to attend. The entire league has the day off and they resume play tomorrow.

I woke up early today, at 5:30 AM, to make a sunrise visit to the famous Hole in the Rock at Papago Park in Phoenix.

Many tourists visit the Hole in the Rock, but most of them arrive in the afternoon or at sunset. For photography, sunrise or sunset is the best time to visit. Since sunset is by far the most popular time to visit, I decided to go at sunrise. There were only a few other people at the Hole in the Rock when I arrived at 6:30 AM.

After I got all of the photographs that I wanted at the Hole in the Rock, I drove to downtown Phoenix to take some photos of the Arizona State Capitol. I failed in that mission because a large section of the downtown streets were closed to vehicle traffic to accommodate a marathon or a 10K race or some similar endeavor. Normally, a Sunday morning is a great time to get photos of a state capitol because the government workers are not present so parking is easy. Today was a different story. Tomorrow, on my way to a ballgame in Glendale, I might make a quick detour to the state capitol and try again.

Having failed to get photos at the state capitol, I returned to Scottsdale and made a breakfast stop before returning to my hotel. I spent the rest of the morning doing my laundry, then I relaxed in my hotel room for the rest of the day and evening.