This morning, my brother Mark and I met my pickleball friends Cecilia and Gisele for a bicycle ride on the Iron Horse Trail. Mark and I rode our ElliptiGo elliptical bikes while Cecilia and Gisele rode traditional bicycles.

The four of us met at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station and from there we pedaled north on the trail for 6.5 miles to reach the trail’s intersection with Norris Canyon Rd. in San Ramon. Then we turned around and rode the same route to return to our starting point at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. At that point, our ride had covered 13 miles and that was a good stopping point for Cecilia and Gisele. We said our goodbyes at the BART station and Cecilia and Gisele headed for home while Mark and I continued riding south on the Iron Horse Trail into Pleasanton. Mark and I ended up covering 18.5 miles on the ElliptiGo bikes today.

I’m sharing a very brief video clip that I captured during our ride with a GoPro camera mounted on my handlebar. Here is the video: