If you’ve read some of my articles about my bicycle rides and my inline roller skating then you’re probably familiar with my visits to the Iron Horse Trail. Today I did something on the Iron Horse Trail that I had never done before. I walked.

I was in San Ramon today to run a few errands and it was a warm sunny day, so when I finished my errands I decided to take a long walk on the Iron Horse Trail. I started my walk at the trail’s intersection with Norris Canyon Road in San Ramon and from there I walked north. When I reached the trail’s intersection with Sycamore Valley Road in Danville I turned around and headed back to my starting point in San Ramon.

My walking distance today was 6.17 miles, which I covered in 1 hour and 29 minutes. That’s an average speed of 4.1 miles per hour. That’s a bit quicker than my usual walking pace of 3.8 miles per hour when walking in my home town, where there are some steep hills and many elevation changes. The Iron Horse Trail is quite flat in San Ramon and Danville, so I wasn’t surprised to find that my pace was faster today.