This morning, my brother Mark and I went for another bike ride. Today’s ride was our longest ride of the year, so far.

We hopped on our bikes at 5:45 AM and rode to the Castro Valley BART station to catch a train to Lafayette. In Lafayette, we joined the Lafayette-Moraga Trail and pedaled south 7.3 miles to Moraga. In Moraga, we turned around rode the same trail back to Lafayette.

At that point, having returned to our starting point in Lafayette, the plan was to hop back on BART at Lafayette and return home after approximately 15 miles on our bikes. However, Mark pointed out that we were only 2 miles away from joining the Iron Horse Trail in Walnut Creek where we could pedal all the way to Dublin. This would make for a much longer bike ride than we’d planned, but it would also drastically reduce our time on BART during our trip home. We decided to head for home via the Iron Horse Trail, making an additional brief detour near the end of the ride to visit a bike shop in Dublin.

Our total biking distance for the day was 39.1 miles, which is approximately 15 more miles than any of our previous bike rides this year. I was completely exhausted when we arrived home at 12:45 PM.