I enjoyed a 3.5 mile walk at sunrise this morning at Lake Chabot Regional Park in Castro Valley. Back in the spring I was walking the trails at Lake Chabot almost every day, but I’ve been focused on inline roller skating for the last several months – and Lake Chabot is not a good place to skate. Today was my first visit to Lake Chabot since May.

I always enjoy hiking at Lake Chabot. Now that the warm summer rattlesnake season is over, it is safer to walk the park’s trails during the pre-dawn darkness. I wish the park had some trails and areas that were dedicated to inline roller skating. I doubt that will ever happen, although the park is huge and there’s certainly plenty of room there to build a spot for skaters.

With the autumn and winter rainy season approaching, my chances to skate outdoors will be limited. So I’m likely to become a frequent visitor to Lake Chabot during the next few months, as I was during the spring, to hike for my daily workouts.