Lake Chabot Park

Today, for the fifth consecutive Sunday, I spent the morning on my bicycle. At 8 AM my brother and I loaded our bikes on to my car’s bike rack and we drove to Lake Chabot Park in Castro Valley. We rode our bikes on several trails in Lake Chabot Park.

Today’s ride was 6.7 miles in length. That distance is much shorter than all of our recent rides, but it was also much less flat that our recent rides. There are many hills to climb on the trails in Lake Chabot Park.

Unfortunately, we could not make a complete circuit on the ‘Lake Chabot Bicycle Loop’ that encircles the entire lake because large sections of the loop are closed for repairs and seismic upgrades.

At 10 AM we were finished riding at Lake Chabot and we were on our way back home. We enjoyed our bike ride in Lake Chabot Park. We probably won’t return there for another ride until 18 months from now, when the seismic work is supposed to be finished and all of the park’s trails will be open.