Lake Chabot’s Hills

This morning I went for a long walk at Lake Chabot Regional Park. When I walk there, I usually stay on the paved and relatively flat trails that hug the shores of the lake. During my walk yesterday, I abandoned my usual plan and walked on the unpaved and hilly trails in the park. This morning I walked in the hills again.

My path was a clockwise loop as shown in the route map, below. The first segment of my route, shown in black, is 1.7 miles on the paved and fairly flat East Shore Trail. The red segment is 0.8 miles of unpaved and entirely uphill terrain on Cameron Loop Trail and Ten Hills Trail. The final segment, shown in blue, is 1.1 miles of downhill unpaved trail. The total walking distance was 3.6 miles and the duration was 1 hour and 12 minutes.

Walking on the trails in the hills is a nice change of pace and it provides a better aerobic workout than walking on the flat trails on the lake’s shore. Another benefit is peace and quiet, because the trails in the hills are not as heavily used as the trails on the lake’s shore.