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Lake Elizabeth

This morning I drove to Fremont and skated on the trail at Lake Elizabeth. Lake Elizabeth is a man-made lake in Fremont’s Central Park. A trail surrounds the lake, and that trail is very popular with pedestrians, skaters, and bicyclists.

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I used my helmet-mounted camera to shoot video as I skated at Lake Elizabeth. I won’t bore you with a long video of the entire skating session. I edited the video to reduce it, and I published a 4 minute condensed version that I’m sharing here.

I enjoyed skating at Lake Elizabeth and it was a great workout, but even on a weekday morning the trail was a little too crowded for my taste. When I wasn’t dodging the inattentive pedestrians, I was dodging the goose droppings. The next time I skate at Lake Elizabeth I’ll try to get an earlier start so I might beat most of the crowd.

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