Lefty O’Doul’s

This morning I took BART to San Francisco, with my brother Mark and his daughter Shannon, to meet my sister Fay and her husband Steve for breakfast and a visit to the San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE).

I’d never heard of the SFAE until last month, when I read a CNN article about an exhibit of old photographs taken by Pattie Boyd. Pattie Boyd is the ex-wife of famous musicians George Harrison and Eric Clapton. I was intrigued by the CNN article, so I visited the SFAE web site to learn more. Then I asked my brother and sister if they’d like to come with me to see the exhibits, and they were interested.

This morning, we emerged from BART at the Powell Street station and met Fay and Steve at the cable car turnabout at Powell and Market Streets. Our first stop was breakfast at Lefty O’Doul’s, on Geary Street near Union Square. After breakfast, we walked west on Geary Street for one block to the SFAE.

Lefty O’Doul’s Restaurant on Geary Street, near Union Square, in San Francisco.

The photos on exhibit in the SFAE were amazing. If you’re a fan of 1960s and 1970s rock music and you’re in the San Francisco area, I recommend a visit to the SFAE. You’ll see many rare and interesting photos of famous rock musicians.