My brother Mark and I enjoyed a 15 mile bicycle ride this morning on Livermore’s Arroyo Mocho Trail. The Arroyo Mocho Trail hugs the banks of a creek of same name for several miles as it wanders through the city of Livermore and continues into Pleasanton. Within Livermore, the entire trail is paved. In Pleasanton, most of the trail is unpaved.

We began today’s ride at the east end of the trail in Livermore and pedaled west for 7.5 miles to the Pleasanton city limits, where the paved section of the trail ends and the dirt trail begins. At that point we turned around and rode back to our starting point on the very same path.

I’m sharing a video of today’s ride. The video is 34 minutes long and consists of many 1 to 2 minute segments of the ride, spliced together. I included text captions in the first half of the video to describe where we are on the trail. I didn’t add captions to the second half of the video because that covered the same ground that we rode upon in the first half, but in the opposite direction.

During the last year or so, the city of Livermore did a great job repairing and re-opening several heavily damaged sections of the Arroyo Mocho Trail. Now I’d like to see Pleasanton pave the several miles of the dirt trail in their city.