This morning my brother and I rode our bikes on a couple of winery trails in Livermore. We left my home at 7:00 AM and drove to Livermore, where we unloaded our bikes and began our ride at 7:30 AM. We rode for 12 miles. There were very few people on these trails this morning, so we were alone for most of the ride. We finished our ride before 9:00 AM and we were home before 10:00 AM.

Most of today’s ride took place on trails near the Concannon Vineyard and Wente Vineyards. I’m sharing a video of today’s ride. Unfortunately, my camera was pointing upward a little more than I’d like so there’s a lot of sky in the video. I’ll do better next time.

I’m looking forward to riding these trails again, soon. I like getting away from the more heavily-used trails, so we’re not frequently dodging pedestrians and dogs when riding the trails.