This morning my brother Mark and I enjoyed a bicycle ride in Livermore. Due to wet weather in recent months, and other considerations, this was our first bike ride since late January.

Normally, our bike rides cover 15 to 25 miles. Today’s ride was only 10 miles long because we wanted to take it easy on our first ride in 4 months. We’ve both been doing a lot of walking during those 4 months, so we weren’t considered with aerobic shape today. However, 4 months off of the bike can easily lead to saddle soreness and stiff legs so we were careful today.

Today’s ride started and ended at Robertson Park in Livermore. We were on the Arroyo Mocho Trail for most of the ride, but we also spent some time on some short and minor Livermore Trails.

I captured video of today’s ride with a GoPro Hero6 camera mounted on my handlebar, and I’m sharing that video here. I edited the video so it consists of selected portions of today’s ride, rather than showing the entire ride which lasted over an hour. The video is about 12.5 minutes long. I didn’t include any text captions to describe the route. The video shows the westbound segment of our ride from Robertson Park to the intersection of Jack London Rd. and Highway 84. The video is silent.

My camera does capture sound, but I removed the audio because something on my bike was clicking loudly as my wheels rotated and the sound of that constant clicking in the video was driving me nuts. I need to figure out what caused that constant clicking before my next ride!