When we finished our visit to Appomattox Court House, Virginia we drove back to our motel in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The weather was becoming gray and the forecast for the evening ballgame in Lynchburg was not good, but we were foolishly optimistic. I was still suffering from a cold and a fever but I wanted to see some baseball. During a gasoline stop on our way back to Lynchburg I gulped down half of a bottle of Nyquil. I thought about chugging down the whole bottle but my traveling partners talked me out of it. I’m glad they did.

As we returned to Lynchburg we made a shopping stop to stock up on rain gear and warm clothing, then we returned to our motel to get ready to go to the game. Armed with a new rain parka and a belly full of Nyquil, I was ready for a game despite the wet and lousy weather.

The Lynchburg Hillcats play in the Carolina League, which is advanced Class A ball. That’s the same class of ball that’s played in the California League. Instead of seeing a single game at 7:00 PM in Lynchburg, we discovered that we’d get to see a doubleheader at 6:00 PM. The doubleheader was scheduled because previous day’s game vs. the Myrtle Beach Pelicans was rained out. Lynchburg and Myrtle Beach would to try to play 2 games on this night.

The ballpark was a fairly nice facility. Concessions were cheaper than I expected. A hot dog, fries, and a coke cost less than 6 bucks. I bought a Lynchburg Hillcats cap in the team store.

After the 3rd inning of the first game of this doubleheader, the light misty rain gave way to a torrential rain. The umpires halted the game and the ground crew quickly covered the infield with a tarp. Several minutes later, the official announcement was made: The games tonight were postponed. There would be no more baseball on this night. We collected our belongings and drove back to our motel.