A large meadow of public land is located directly beyond my backyard fence. The public land is part of a flood control plan so it will never be developed for housing, streets, etc. During warm weather, the dry grass and shrubs on this large meadow constitute a serious fire hazard. Once each year, a large herd of goats and sheep are ushered on to the meadow for a full day of grazing to reduce the fire danger. This year, today was the grazing day. I spent some time in my backyard this morning to watch the animals chew up the meadow, and I captured a brief video of the event.

I appreciate the herd’s help with the reduction of the fire danger, but I’d be much happier if the agency that’s in charge of the meadow would trim and clean up the large dry trees that are located just beyond my backyard fence. I guess I’ll have to file a report with the county fire prevention team in order to get any work done on those trees.