Montparnasse Tower

Montparnasse Tower is a 56 story building with an observation deck offering great views of Paris.

Our final sightseeing stop on this day was Montparnasse Tower. The tower is a tall and large 56 story building which has an observation deck atop the building. Tourists pay to ride the elevator to the top of the building where they can see all of Paris.

Our Paris Passes gave us free entry Montparnasse Tower so we didn’t have to pay, but we had to go through the security checks – and the security employees there were rude and less than helpful.

When our elevator ride to the top of the tower ended, we found that were 2 stories beneath the observation tower. The elevator ride ended on a floor where they attempt to sell you a professional photographer’s photo of your visit there. We declined, and we quickly hopped upstairs to the observation deck.

The only remarkable thing about Montparnasse Tower is the great view of the city that includes the Eiffel Tower. Remember, you cannot see the Eiffel Tower when you are on the Eiffel Tower. For great photos of the skyline of Paris that include the Eiffel Tower, you can consider using the Montparnasse Tower.

When we were finished at Montparnasse Tower, we rode the elevator down to the ground floor and hopped on Paris Metro line #4 to return to St. Michel station and our hotel in the Latin Quarter near Notre Dame.